Reji Event Venue

A Unique Venue For Unique Events

Reji Event Venue located at one of the unique spots in Istanbul is a leading unusual venue for unique events in Istanbul.

Located at one of the most unique locations in Istanbul,  Reji Event Venue is one of Istanbul’s most unique invitations, meetings and organizational venues.
Reji Event Venue is the most exclusive venue that can be used during the summer and winter seasons by combining up-to-date technological applications.
In the unique visual atmosphere of Reji Event Venue, you can sign memorabilia for special events such as conferences, meetings, invitations and weddings, corporate events.
The name Reji Activity Space, which was built by the tobacco factories established by the French Reji administration in the Ottoman era, witnesses the history of Istanbul.

Corporate Events

Reji Event Venue has been hosting corporate receptions and events organized by many local and international companies, associations and institutions throughout

Receptions and Gala Events

Reji Event Venue, with its unique location, is one of the top unusual venues for special events and gala dinners in Istanbul. Reji Event Venue with unique delicacies from Reji’s famous cuisine. , Reji is awaiting for you for special and extraordinary events.

Special Dinners

Reji is ideal for breakfast and lunch meetings and assemblages as well as dinner receptions and special events. It offers a distinctive Istanbul experience in the heart of historical peninsula for group dinners, family dinners and similar meetings.

VIP and Protocol Events

Reji, having a special entrance and Reji Lounge located in the same area, is preferred for VIP and Protocol meetings and events. Reji team has been serving and hosting many presidents, politicians and bureaucrats with its experienced kitchen and service personnel to this date, offering special and exquisite service for top-tier guests.

in the center of Istanbul on Sultanahmet Coastal Road, provides a great opportunity for sea transportation.