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Kalyon Hotel Istanbul is a four star hotel and ideally located in the center of the historic Peninsula of Istanbul ,Sultanahmet, by the Sea of Marmara and right at the shore lane. Kalyon Hotel Istanbul, best sultanahmet hotel İstanbul, provides fast transportation to the airports. Kalyon Hotel Istanbul, best 4 star hotel in Sultanahmet, has become one of the most popular hotels in Istanbul among both Turkish and international visitors. What makes Kalyon such a passion is the superior service, personal hospitality and institutional culture. Kalyon Hotel Istanbul is serving Turkish tourism more than 45 years. Kalyon Hotel Istanbul, best hotel Sultanahmet İstanbul, is walking distance from all of the main attractions such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, covered bazaar and Topkapi Palace. Kalyon Hotel Istanbul , best 4 star hotel istanbul, has a marvelous view on the Sea of Marmara.



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